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Asbestos Abatement & Removal

Possible Asbestos Sources in the Home

Asbestos is a dangerous substance and your safety is our first priority. If you suspect that asbestos may be in your home, office building or school, it’s imperative that you have it removed right away by a professional that will focus on your safety first.

Call the experts at ABK Restoration Services, we know exactly what to look for and how to treat the issue of asbestos remediation in a proper, professional manner.

What's the Harm?

Up until the 1970’s, asbestos was utilized in homes and buildings for various uses including insulation and roof patching. It was later learned that asbestos was a dangerous carcinogen.

It’s also been proven that any lengthened exposure to asbestos can be harmful to your health. Breathing any released asbestos fibers can lodge in the lungs and cause scarring. Over time, this could potentially lead to cancer in the lungs.

Our Response

Asbestos removal is an extensive job and must be done by a certified professional. We utilize every protective measure by using the latest in technology and professional procedures to get rid of the asbestos properly and effectively.

With over 35 years experience in hazmat response, our team bring a wealth of experience to a delicate remediation. For extensive jobs, we call on our partners at NorHaz who bring industry leading technology and techniques to the BC interior.

Mold Remediation

Initial Identification

When abnormal amounts of water and moisture are present in a home, secondary damage begins to occur almost immediately and continues to increase with each passing minute. Secondary damage is damage that occurs because of, but is not a direct result of, the primary damage. It is caused by elevated humidity levels and occurs as materials in the home begin to absorb moisture from the air or standing water.

Mold is a prime example of secondary damage from a prior flood. The paper backing on your sheetrock combined with elevated moisture levels (60% Relative Humidity or above) and warm temperature (80 Degrees Fahrenheit or above) make a perfect environment for mold to begin growing.

Our Response

Moisture control is the key to mold control. Proper and thorough drying performed quickly can save thousands of dollars in secondary damage. When there is a water problem, whether it is a slow leak, burst pipe, rising water, sewage backup or from some other source, getting the water and moisture out of your home should be done as quickly as possible. Time is very important.

Using the latest in in mold remediation technology, we get to the heart of the problem and work out from there until the premise is remediated. Trust the experience of ABK and the latest in remediation solutions that consider your health as its primary concern.

Lead Abatement & Removal

Lead is a heavy metal which is known to cause health issues through physical contact and vapour/dust inhalation. It is a regulated material through WorkSafe BC and removal can be as simple as bagging debris for proper disposal or as robust as applying chemical-based pastes in a fully enclosed and sealed environment.

Trust the industry-leading ABK hazmat team to safely remove lead based products in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Cleaning Facility

One of the most important aspects of restoration work, especially concerning the damaged contents of the affected premises, is continuity in control and handling. It is important to ensure that the same people are involved with those contents, from collection and cataloguing, through cleaning and storage, to replacement in or on the finished site.

Nor-Haz – Our Hazardous Materials Partner

Trust ABK to handle any size hazardous materials project. For more complex jobs, ABK partners with the BC Interior’s leading hazardous materials specialists – NorHaz Solutions Ltd.

NorHaz is a dedicated full service hazardous materials removal and remediation company boasting one of the most experienced project team in the British Columbia interior. Combining industry-leading procedures and equipment, NorHaz consistently provides safe, cost effective, and regulatory-compliant removal services to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional clients alike.

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