Our Commitment to You

At ABK Restoration Services, our commitment is unwavering. We pledge to provide service that transcends expectations, ensuring that the lives of our communities' residents swiftly return to normalcy during times of adversity.

What Our Commitment Means to You:

-Dedication: We are wholeheartedly dedicated to serving our community. Your well-being is our top priority, and we approach every restoration project with unwavering commitment.

- Excellence: We don't settle for mediocrity. Our commitment is to deliver excellence in every aspect of our service, from the quality of our work to the compassion in our interactions.

- Swift Recovery: When disaster strikes, we understand the urgency. Our team is prepared to act swiftly and efficiently to restore your property and your life to normal as quickly as possible.

- Above and Beyond: We believe in going the extra mile. Our commitment extends beyond restoration; we aim to make a positive impact in the lives of our residents, offering support and reassurance during challenging times.

- Community-Centric: ABK Restoration Services is deeply rooted in our communities. Our commitment is not just about restoring physical spaces; it's about strengthening the bonds that hold our communities together.

When you choose ABK Restoration Services, you're choosing a partner dedicated to your well-being and the well-being of our community. Our commitment is not just words; it's a promise to stand by you and help you navigate through difficult times, ensuring that normalcy is restored, and hope is renewed.


The whole team was FANTASTIC! Put my mind at ease with the process of restoring my home after a flood. I highly recommend Jeff and his hardworking staff at ABK Restoration Company.
Karen Anton
We had a flood in our basement on a Friday and ABK came to the rescue within 2 hours of my wife calling for help. They were great to work with and Rob was fantastic the whole way through,very professional and knowledgeable.
Kevin & Nancy - West Kelowna
Service was very efficient and professional. Bev, was especially lovely to deal with, very bright positive attitude and I’ll miss getting her phone calls.
Kelli Ladoski – Kamloops
Owner very helpful caring for clients THANKS
Judy Kerr
I was very pleased with the care and quality of work from all the crew that went into the restorations of my bathroom. Many thanks to all at ABK Restoration Services for a job well done.
Ruth Piccini- Penticton
We LOVED the ABK team! they did such a good job. Nice paint color and workmanship. Always neat and clean. We would highly recommend ABK Restoration Services.
Manjinder- Penticton
I would like to thank everyone who helped with my bathroom renovation. The service I received was excellent. Everyone was very kind and helpful. I would highly recommend this amazing team of professionals to my friends and family.
Patricia F - Penticton
AWESOME STAFF!!! AMAZING WORK!!! ABK was here when they said they would be here. ABK had the restoration done when they said it would be done. We would highly refer ABK Restoration Services to others. THANK YOU ABK!
G. Russell - Summerland
We appreciate the speed and service provided in taking care of our water problem, and would have no hesitation in recommending ABK to all our friends and family. Thank you for going the extra mile for our home.
Joan H - Summerland
The entire crew was excellent and hard working. Appreciated the efforts of the Project Manager keeping me informed on each and every step of the entire restoration.
Sue G - Summerland
We are very impressed with the professionalism of all your reconstruction team. Thanks again .
Marjorie J - Penticton

Absolutely impressed with all faucets of the work.

ABK Hired trades are great!

Carol Stojan – Peachland
Very pleased with all the workers who came to repair the damage to my condo. The ABK team was professional and considerate in all their work.
Shirley S - Penticton
I can’t say enough…what a great job was done by all! Gina in particular was wonderful, warm & friendly while being the hardest worker I have ever seen. Very intelligent. Bev another lovely standout, funny, efficient, prompt communicator. EXCELLENT!
Fiona Osborne - Kamloops
Water Damage: I wish to commend this company for their prompt attention to the internal damage and the professional manner in which the clean up was completed. It was all highly satisfactory!!
Anne Edison- Penticton
Very well organized crew from Day 1! Proper equipment placed in affected areas and site visits and checks were done on a daily basis. The Flooring contractor was very good and FAST. ABK Restoration Services responded to our questions and handled in a very short time. We are very pleased with all the ABK personals that was involved from start to finish and the outcome of the high quality workmanship. Thank you ABK.
Mr & Mrs Ebner - Penticton
We have had a series of claims. ABK staff has provided us with a friendly professional approach, flexible schedule for repairs, knowledge and understanding about our needs. We feel like they really listened. Questions/concerns were handled quickly and to our extreme satisfaction. They worked with us, our adjuster, and the third and fourth parties to sort out our complex situation. It’s been a great experience.
Lucille Freeman
All the work has been completed to my satisfaction. I have been thoroughly impressed with everyone from ABK Restoration Services. Everyone did their utmost to make sure everything was done extremely well. And what a lovely staff you have! I would highly recommend this company for any restoration work needed. Also, thank you for the lovely gift basket…what a nice surprise!!
Gail H- Penticton
Friendly, Knowledgeable staff and trades. Enjoyed having them work with us. Got here quickly when we discovered frozen pipe.
Anonymous - Peachland
Excellent job, well done! Very happy with the help and the quality of all the jobs done.
David Struch - Penticton
I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your company and the people that did the contract work. Everything went smoothly and the work is quality. Considering the times we are in COVID-19, it is amazing how everything flowed. Thank you.
Maureen Lutz
I was at the Penticton Golf Club and was VERY impressed with your cleaning crew – I think the staff is still shaking their heads……..Q tips for the vents, a toothbrush for the post bases!!! Maybe I could hire them on a weekly or even monthly basis?? Great work.
Irene - Penticton
ABK's team was exceptional! Very responsive and fantastic service. Everyone from the admin staff scheduling our repairs to the crew that did the work inside were great to deal with. Thank you!
Coby Fulton - Kamloops
We are very happy with the result of all the work by your crew, and we were impressed with the work they did; very much so! They were always polite to us…including our big dog Lincoln! They left our house in immaculate shape, and for that we are very pleased. Lincoln included. We would like to thank you and your crews for their excellent work on our behalf. P.S. Thank you for the beautiful gift basket- A really thoughtful gesture.
Peter Wynn - Penticton
Major damage to my townhouse at Apex Resort (chimney torn off) due to snow and ice slide. ABK was on site almost immediately to seal up the breach in the wall. After discovering all the chimneys were compromised by the heavy snowfall, ABK were hired to manage the project to repair them all. James D was the project manager and did a great job. Always available by phone and attended the site whenever a concern arose. Due to logistical and weather issues working on roofs at a ski resort, the project took longer than expected and throughout the project, constant communication ensured confidence the project was being managed professionally. Special thanks to Nicki as well for her help with this project. If you’re ever unlucky enough to need a restoration company, I highly recommend ABK.
Ken Hayden – Penticton

I have selected ABK all three times I needed emergency flood restoration help. The first two times were for my elderly parent’s home both water flood calls, one a broken pipe under the crawl space and the next one a year later a hot water tank break.

I used the yellow pages to contact a restoration company, the first company I called was unable to respond in a timely manner and then I called ABK Restoration. I was so pleased they responded within 20 minutes to attend to the issue. The two people began immediately taking away all the soaked insulation. They dealt very professionally with my elderly parent, which I appreciated greatly because she was deaf and also very anxious about the situation.

I was so impressed with their service there was no hesitation to call them a year later with the hot water tank break.

More recently while house sitting for a neighbour over the winter her basement flooded due to freezing temperatures. I contacted my snowbird neighbour in Arizona and she contacted ABK on my recommendation. She dealt with them long distance over the course of the entire project of repairing and was extremely pleased with her experience from start to finish.

Kathy French – Penticton

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