ABK Restoration Services has been trusted by the leading insurance companies in British Columbia for over two decades. Our service standards for insurance claims is second to none in the business and our expertise in helping customers through the claims process ensures all parties expectations are properly managed for optimal project success.
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Insurance Professionals

Insurance brokers and adjusters look to ABK to complete restoration jobs quickly and with the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry. Learn more about our Service Standards and expert advantages that make us a leading choice for professionals looking for confidence and hassle-free service for their customers. The entire ABK Team has a deep commitment to professional education and we are particularly proud to present 2-3 day courses throughout the year to bring greater knowledge to the insurance and property restoration community. Check our listings to find the next course near you.

Navigating Claims with Customers

Working with insurance companies took us nearly 2 decades to perfect. The process can be complex and often complicated but our primary objective is to take that pressure off the customer so you can focus on returning your lives back to normal as quickly as possible. Our Insurance FAQ section has assisted countless customers better understand the claims process. Trust the ABK Team to help navigate you through a successful property insurance claim.

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