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Other Services

Rapid Emergency Response

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ABK prides itself on reaching the property damage in blazing fast time. From receiving the initial call, our expert team is dispatched and will reach the scene in under 60 minutes for most of the communities we service. When minutes really matter, trust ABK to not waste a second responding to your disaster.

Content Cleaning Facility

ABK is proud to introduce our dedicated content restoration facility, able to handle any size pack-out and featuring on-site heated storage. All contents are recorded, photographed, and labeled for easy recovery. Trust our knowledge, training, equipment and personal care to clean and restore practically any household or commercial item.

Asbestos Remediation

A dangerous inhalable carcinogen found in insulated areas of many homes built prior to 1970 that must be removed if exposed or disturbed. Trust ABK to inspect your property for asbestos, provide our expert assessment and then trust our certified professionals to make your home safe once again.

Mold Remediation

Utilizing the latest in mold remediation technology, ABK can halt the growth of this bacteria in its tracks and gets to the root of the problem to ensure no possible return. With the ability to grow aggressively, our goal is to eliminate all negative health impacts of the infestation which can be especially devastating to people with respiratory issues, asthma or allergies.

Infrared Moisture Detection

Armed with thermal imaging units, moisture detection devices and the highest level of IICRC training ABK technicians can see behind walls and under floors to identify the root source of a water issue and prevent additional threats in the future.

Odour Control

From cigarette smoke to animal smells to sewer back-ups, our products do not merely mask odours with fragrance or perfume cover-ups but neutralize microorganisms at their organic source. Odours are eliminated permanently and our solutions are safe for people & household pets alike.

Vehicle Impact

In the event of vehicle impact damage to your property, our emergency disaster restoration specialists will assess the property’s structural integrity to determine if temporary bracing is required to prevent further damage and potential injury. ABK experts will then work to repair your property, inside and out, so your life can return to normal.

Trauma Scene Restoration

ABK offers expert restoration from an accident or death that has occurred in a property. From biohazard decontamination to sewage leaks and spills, let our skilled team restore the scene to its original safe state.


In addition to the excessive clutter, compulsive hoarding can increase chances of fire, health hazards and infestations. No need to be embarrassed. The certified team at ABK use complete discretion while returning the property to a manageable state and ensuring no hazards remain.

Vandalism Repair

The malicious destruction of the property of others can be one of the most difficult forms of damage to restore. Vandalism often involves spray paint, defacement of furnishings and even the spreading of noxious substances. ABK strives to minimize the impact of these acts of vandalism in our customer’s lives by restoring property back to original condition as quickly as possible.

Dry Ice Blasting

This environmentally responsible practice using high pressure carbon dioxide is an extremely fast and efficient practice for fire remediation, graffiti removal, mold removal as well as elimination of stubborn substances such as grease, oil and adhesives. Not only does this process remove 99.999% of the organic contaminants, it requires no cleaning media that needs to be removed in the final step.

Dry Air Technology

Completely drying a structure requires not only more equipment but more technique as well. Lose that balance and you can add days to the drying process; days that a family may be unable to be comfortably in their home. ABK can achieve a totally dry structure in the most reasonable amount of time possible by relying on industry-leading equipment made by Dry Air.

Carpet Cleaning

We started cleaning carpets in 1991 and all that experience means we have gotten very good at it. Unlike 2 decades ago though, ABK now applies the latest in carpet cleaning technology to each job to ensure an exceptional quality cleaning (and drying) in record-fast time.